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Why Practice Portuguese is Better than Duolingo

PracticePortuguese: A Superior Approach to Learning Portuguese


The world of language learning is vast and ever-evolving, with numerous platforms and methods vying for the attention of aspiring language enthusiasts. Among these, Duolingo has emerged as a popular choice for beginners, it primarily focuses on Brazilian Portuguese. which may not align with the preferences of learners seeking to master European Portuguese or improve their pronunciation. In contrast, PracticePortuguese dedicates itself to European Portuguese, providing a comprehensive approach to vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation that is tailored to the distinct linguistic nuances of the language.

Duolingo: A Touch of Fun, Lack of Substance

Duolingo’s gamified approach has undoubtedly garnered its fair share of fans. Its gamified interface and addictive repetition drills can certainly make learning Portuguese a bit more enjoyable. However, this focus on fun often comes at the expense of substance.

PracticePortuguese: A Focus on Real-World Skills

PracticePortuguese takes a different approach, prioritizing the development of real-world Portuguese skills. Their lessons are designed to immerse learners in the language, providing opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a practical context.

Real-World Conversations vs. Isolated Drills

Duolingo’s lessons often revolve around isolated vocabulary and grammar drills, which can leave learners feeling disconnected from the actual use of the language. PracticePortuguese, on the other hand, utilizes authentic Portuguese audio and video clips to provide learners with insights into real-world conversations and scenarios.

Interactive Exercises vs. Passive Learning

Duolingo’s lessons often rely on passive learning, where learners simply choose the correct answer from a multiple-choice selection. PracticePortuguese, in contrast, employs interactive exercises that actively engage learners in the learning process. For instance, they provide opportunities to practice speaking through role-playing exercises and to write emails and messages in Portuguese.

Authenticity vs. Simulation

Duolingo’s focus on gamified exercises often creates a sense of simulation, rather than authenticity. PracticePortuguese, by incorporating authentic Portuguese audio and video clips, immerses learners in the real world of the language. This exposure to natural Portuguese conversations helps learners develop their listening comprehension and fluency.

Feedback and Correction vs. Limited Guidance

Duolingo’s feedback system is often limited to providing points or badges for correct answers, without providing detailed explanations or corrections. PracticePortuguese, on the other hand, offers personalized feedback and corrections, allowing learners to identify their areas of strength and weakness. This guidance is crucial for effective language learning.

Community Engagement vs. Solo Learning

Duolingo’s learning experience is largely solitary, with limited opportunities for interaction with other learners. PracticePortuguese, however, fosters a vibrant online community where learners can connect, practice their Portuguese, and receive feedback from fellow learners and native speakers. This sense of community can significantly enhance the learning experience.


Overall, PracticePortuguese stands out as a superior platform for learning Portuguese due to its focus on real-world skills, interactive exercises, authentic Portuguese content, and a supportive community. While Duolingo may offer a fun introduction to the language, PracticePortuguese provides the tools and guidance necessary for truly mastering Portuguese.

If you’re serious about learning European Portuguese, PracticePortuguese is the platform that will take your language skills to the next level, and you’ll be speaking Portuguese like a native in no time!

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